Nonprofit Checking

At City First we have a unique understanding of the special needs and mission focus of nonprofit organizations.  Unlike most banks that are owned by shareholders whose primary motivation is profit, City First shareholders are like minded social investors who expect business proceeds to be reinvested in the company.

Our Nonprofit Advantage programs were designed to help nonprofit organizations with their special financial challenges.  We offer lower minimum balance requirements and lower account fees to facilitate your nonprofit's financial viability.

Basic Nonprofit Account  For small nonprofits, City First offers a Basic Nonprofit Advantage Account. It’s designed for account-holders who anticipate a limited amount of monthly activity, yet need to make use of almost all of their funds during a given month to carry out their work within the community.

Nonprofit Advantage Account  For organizations with a fair amount of monthly banking activity, City First created the Nonprofit Advantage Account offering the ability to avoid a monthly service charge by maintaining a modest minimum balance.

First Premier Nonprofit Checking  For nonprofit organizations with higher account balances and a high volume of monthly activity, City First offers Premier Nonprofit Checking.  With this account, you’ll also benefit from multiple cash management services, including remote deposit, positive pay, and ACH services, with the opportunity to offset the costs of these multiple services with an earnings credit.

Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts (IOLTA) is a unique and innovative way to increase access to justice for individuals and families living in poverty and to improve our justice system. Without taxing the public, and at no cost to lawyers or their clients, interest from lawyer trust accounts is pooled to provide civil legal aid to the poor and support improvements to the justice system.  City First is pleased to be a preferred partner with the DC Bar Foundation.

Experience true community development banking as a socially responsible investor!

Make a difference in your community while receiving the banking services you're looking for. To start your relationship, please complete the attached form and upload here and someone will contact you. You may also call 202-243-7100 or email us at to learn more.


  Basic Nonprofit Checking
Minimum to Open $500
Monthly Service Charge $8
Minimum Balance Requirement None
Account Transaction Fees The first 10 transaction items a month are free.  $0.10 per transaction item is charged thereafter.
  Nonprofit Advantage Checking
Minimum to Open $1,000
Monthly Service Charge $10 monthly service charge if the account balance falls below the required minimum.
Minimum Balance Requirement $1,000
Account Transaction Fees The first 100 transaction items a month are free. A $0.30 per transaction item is charged thereafter.
Interest Bearing Account? Yes! This is an interest bearing checking account.*


  First Premier Nonprofit Checking
Minimum to Open $1,500
Monthly Service Charge $12 monthly service charge for each of the first 2 accounts. $3 monthly service charge applies for subsequent accounts.
Minimum Balance Required None
Account Transaction Fees $0.12 per transaction item a month
Account Analysis The monthly service charge and account transaction fees are assessed and analyzed against a monthly earnings credit which may help offset charges and fees.
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* For more information, or to request a copy of our Truth in Savings Act Disclosure, please click here.

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